Exploring Charlotte North Carolina

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on our travel blog because we finally moved into our new home and we have been staying put. Since January, lots of things have happened.

First, I took a consulting job with a company in North Carolina. An old friend asked if I would help his company develop a workflow solution for a fast-growing healthcare firm that specializes in collecting insurance claims.  I accepted the consulting gig in mid-January and I am having a blast working on the project.

I hear you saying “But wait: you’re retired!“. You’re right, but retirement is all about being financially free to choose what you want to do. At times, it may be traveling and goofing off and others it may be working on projects that excite you. That’s exactly what I’m doing now and I only work part-time so I still have time to embrace my passions.

Secondly, our youngest son, Ryan, graduated Cum Laude with a Physics major and Mathematics minor from the University of Florida. This young man is crazy smart and we are really proud of him (must have gotten his genius from Lynn).  He landed a job in Charlotte, North Carolina as a Data Scientist / Business Analyst. He loves the new job, we recently traveled to see him.

Visiting Charlotte

Charlotte is a clean city with a hip vibe. It has a rich history as a town that started the gold rush. A 17-pound gold nugget was found in 1799 and lots of immigrants migrated in. But then the California gold rush hit and most of these opportunity seekers headed west. Charlotte was founded in 1768 by King III of England and named it after his wife, Queen Charlotte.

Charlotte North Carolina

Charlotte, North Carolina Charlotte, North Carolina

Today it’s a huge financial district, second-largest banking center after New York City. Lynn read about this huge statue of a head in one of the office parks and we visited it. It was very interesting, it was created in layers and the layers spin and line up to make a face. Bizarre but very cool. Here is Ryan and Kayna in front of the statue.

Ryan Miller and Kayna

Charlotte, North Carolina Charlotte, North Carolina Charlotte, North Carolina

When we were there, Nascar was in town and we got to check out the cars and there were lots of concerts and events going on downtown.

Charlotte, North Carolina Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte has a huge man-made lake called Lake Norman. It is 33 miles long and 9 miles wide. It offers swimming, boating, canoeing and pretty much any water sport you can imagine. We drove up to the state park and rented canoes for only $5 an hour — great price and a lot of fun.

Lake Norman, Charlotte

What’s Next?

We are planning a trip to Ireland and Scotland in late July. A couple of summers ago we took Ryan to Europe so this time, we are taking Cameron. It will be a lot of fun to spend some quality time with Cameron and to see the sites together.

8 thoughts on “Exploring Charlotte North Carolina

  1. Robert & Robin Charlton

    Hi Steve and Lynn, great writeup on Charlotte — never knew it played a part in the start of the Gold Rush and was the 2nd largest banking center. FYI, we also plan on being in Ireland in July-August. We’ll be touring around Ireland from July 15 to 22, then settling down in the south of Ireland for a month from July 22 to Aug 22. Let us know your plans once you know them in case our paths cross!

    1. smiller257 Post author

      Great to hear from you guys! Did you finish your walk across Spain? We will be in Ireland and Scotland on July 22 – Aug 6. We are doing a Trafalgar tour since we are limited on time. How are you guys doing?

      1. Robert & Robin Charlton

        Still walking! Closing in on Santiago de Compostela, with about two weeks to go. Then (being us) we’re continuing to walk for another four days to Finisterre on the ocean. Turns out 536 miles is a long way. But we’re making it. No worries on Ireland, just thought we’d mention it since our plans seem to keep overlapping in odd ways (like Glacier NP)!

  2. Rhonda Braban

    Love the blog. You and Lynn have every reason for being proud of your boys. I am looking forward to catching up in July and to your blog of Ireland. It is on my bucket list.

  3. B Alston

    If you are going to Ireland, see if you can stay in one of the hostels for a few nights. There was one that is in a castle, so that could be a great experience. And then leave Cameron there for grad school!

    Oh, and bring me back a sweater!


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