The Canadian Maritime Provinces

If you wish to see a photo slide show of our Canada trip, click here. We spent about a week visiting the Canadian maritime provinces (New Brunswick, Prince Edwards Islands, and Nova Scotia).  We started our trek in St. John, New Brunswick.  In St. John, they have a phenomenon that is rarely seen anywhere else — the Bay of Fundy has 28 foot changes in tides every 6 hours.

The Saint John River sees its flow reversed at high tide, causing a series of rapids at the Reversing Falls where the river empties into the bay, in a gorge in the middle of the city of Saint John.   From here, you can take a jet boat or more casual tour through the raging reversing falls rapids.  We started our tour at 11 a.m. and by noon when we returned, the water levels had risen about 10 feet.  Pretty fast, eh?

Reversing Falls in St. John

We also spent a night in St. John.  Other than the Reversing Falls, we found the city to be old, really industrial and not very exciting.  So we headed out to Prince Edwards Islands (PEI).  PEI is a true gem.  It has a beautiful landscape, tons of light houses, and plenty of fishing and lobster tours to take part in.

PEI light house with pink sand beach

Our favorite excursion was to take a lobster boat out to bring in lobster traps. We learned all about how lobsters are fished. Did you know that a single lobster can lay 1,000 eggs? Incredible. Our tour included a fresh lobster dinner at sunset — really awesome.

Fresh 9 pound lobster

Steve captains the lobster boat!

Lynn handles the lobsters

After we left PEI, we made our way to Halifax, Nova Scotia. Halifax is a really cool city, wish we had more time to spend there. It has a large military citadel at the center of the city and it is located geographically on the coast. We took an amphibious tour, starting on land and then heading out to the sea.

Goes on land and sea

Our final stop was at Peggy’s Cove, about 30 minutes south of Halifax. This was an impressive area as well — you have to see this place if you get a chance. It has the most photographed light house, they were repainting it while we were there.

Peggy’s Cove

Most photographed light house

Lobster traps

Cool fishing village

Next we will be traveling to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands.   If you wish to see a photo slide show of our Canada trip, click here

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