Empty Nesters Fly the Coop

It’s what we’ve been waiting for all these years — get our kids off to college and start traveling.   I have to say, it’s come too quickly!   We have 2 boys going off to college at the same time, yet on opposite sides of the country.  Last week, we drove from Florida to Fort Collins, Colorado to send our youngest off to college.  The drive was 26 hours, each of us drove 2 hours at a time which made it bearable.  I found out you can even stream Netflix movies on your iPhone to keep you busy when you are not driving.  Very cool.

Ryan at Colorado State University

Ryan is our youngest and just started school at Colorado State University.  We spent 5 days at CSU with Ryan, going through orientation, setting up his college dorm, and spending our last few days of quality time with him before he totally dis-owns us :).

Although we lived in Denver for 14 years, we did not realize how beautiful Fort Collins was until we spent a few days there.  It has crisp air, beautiful views of  the Rocky Mountains, nice golf courses and incredible neighborhoods.  It has been voted “the best place to raise a family” many times over and I can now appreciate why.CSU is a very cool school.  It has really great spirit.  They had a huge pep rally while we were there and threw a family picnic with bands, carnival rides, and lots of things to do.  I was really impressed with this school and really look forward to Ryan excelling here.  He missed the cut-off for the honors program because he graduated high school a year early and they would not accept him until they got his first semester high school grades.  But if he gets a 3.5 average this semester, they will admit him to the honors program with scholarship.  Go Ryan!

Waxed the boat to put it away for 3 months

Once we returned from CSU, we wanted to catch up with some friends we won’t see for a while.  We seemed to go out with different friends each night and spent a lot of time on the boat.   We love the ocean — it seems to have healing powers.    The last few days we spent packing and unpacking our backpacks for our 3 months trip.  We are packing light — we are carrying a backpack and daypack each — that is it for 3 months!   We figure if we are missing something while on the road, we will pick it up when we get there.

Cameron at University of Maine

Once we were packed, we traveled 28 hours to Maine to take our oldest son, Cameron, to college at the University of Maine.   28 hours in a Ford Mustang after we had just spent 26 hours in one a few weeks ago with our youngest son in his Kia.  Are we nuts?   We rotated driving every 2 hours, spent time making final preparations for our trips and watching Netflix movies.  It also gave us a lot of quality time to spend with Cameron before he leaves the nest.  Cameron’s orientation was in June so we did not spend much time with him at the University of Maine before leaving him on Friday.   We were able to help him find some additional things for his dorm, help him get a new phone and get him all settled in.   But it really is sad leaving our boys at school, we will miss them so much.  But this is how life should be, teach them well and let them enjoy their own successes.

Lynn and are looking forward to traveling for months at a time.  Our first stop is in Bar Harbor, Maine, where we will meet up with some early retirees we met on the internet (see their site here: http://www.wherewebe.com).   Then on to Nova Scotia for a few days.  Then we fly to Quito Ecuador to embark on 3 months of solid travel.  We look forward to seeing Quito, the Galapagos Islands, the Amazon, Peru, Machu Picchu and possibly Belize.  Keep an eye on the blog, I will be chronicling our travels here.

Hasta Luego!

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